The Ultimate Guide to Boya Prepaid Cards

Are prepaid cards becoming the new way businesses can handle purchases? Let’s take a look at a typical example – Boya’s prepaid Visa cards.

With the consolidation of many financial services into the digital space, you might be wondering if the future of banking is here yet.

Are prepaid cards becoming the new way businesses can handle purchases? Let’s take a look at a typical example – Boya’s prepaid Visa cards.

Designed primarily for businesses everywhere looking for a quick, easier, and cheaper alternative to standard bank accounts, Boya’s physical and virtual prepaid cards are consolidated to ensure consistent expense recording. 

With a Boya card, employees can also pay for business subscriptions, buy goods whether online or in-store while maintaining their allocated spending limit. In a nutshell, Boya helps you manage business finances efficiently using the funds you have loaded on the platform. 

As the name suggests, Boya’s prepaid Visa cards use the Visa network, which supports many other prepaid cards. So let’s take a closer look at how Visa prepaid cards work and why your businesses need one.

What is a Boya Prepaid Card?

A Boya prepaid card is like a debit card that employees can use to pay for goods and services, or spend literally on anything. However, unlike debit cards, you don’t need a bank account to use them. You only need to load funds onto the card using various channels like direct Mpesa top-up, bank, or debit and credit cards.

A Boya prepaid card allows your staff to access funds conveniently whenever they need them, and it’s accepted globally. They ultimately serve as an alternative to traditional debit and credit cards.

How Boya Prepaid Cards Work

As mentioned above, our Prepaid cards work like debit cards. You load money onto the card and only spend up to the amount deposited. And due to their similarity, prepaid cards offer almost the same perks as typical credit cards, including rewards programs and other premiums.

In other words, it’s like using cash for all your transactions, but with an added layer of security with record-keeping. 

Additionally, you can set spending limits and turn them on or off with just a tap. In case an employee loses their card, they can also disable it with a single tap using the Boya mobile application.

Benefits of Boya Prepaid Cards.

Given the benefits that come with the use of prepaid cards, it’s still worrying that most business owners haven’t taken advantage of the new age of payment systems to manage their finances. But this is a recent development; in fact, Visa prepaid cards have only gained popularity over the last decade.

Visa prepaid cards are a rising option in the realm of prepaid credit cards. They are perfect for businesses looking for a flexible application, powerful EMV security features, and secure mobile payment options. And a perfect example of these cards is our Boya card. It has proved to be a solution for many businesses across Kenya.

Here are some of the benefits you could enjoy using our prepaid Visa card.

Ability to Do More With Your Money

With a Boya card, employees can do online shopping, pay bills with flexibility and convenience. It is a great alternative to debit and credit cards. And since you won’t require a bank account or credit check, Boya cards are easy to get – no matter your business’s financial situation.

The card also allows you to schedule recurring payments with real-time alerts and manage your business finances. This can significantly help save your time and money when paying bills.

Works Like a Credit Card

Versatility is one of the main benefits of using a Boya Visa prepaid card. You can use it to make purchases just like you would with a credit card, although without getting into risks such as credit card debts, incurring heavy interest rates, or missing out on your credit card payments. The advantage of using Boya Cards is that spending is limited to the amount loaded thus you cannot incur debts that can affect your credit score.

Good for Budgeting Purposes

A Boya card can also serve as a budgeting tool. Once you load money onto the card, you can set your daily, weekly, or monthly spending limit to ensure it’s within your budgeted amount. This ensures that you stick to your budget at all times.


The Boya physical card is secure and convenient to use anywhere visa cards are accepted. And in case your Boya card is lost or stolen or compromised, you can always freeze the card from your Boya app and proceed to get a replacement.

Boya virtual cards are much safer for spending online. Whether you want to pay for online subscriptions, make purchases, or pay for ads, you can be sure to do so securely because of the security layer that comes with Boya’s virtual visa cards. When paying with Google pay and Apple pay, you don’t need to fill in card details.

Easy Card Management

With a Boya card, you can deposit funds to the card, make purchases, pay bills, and more – all from one convenient place. You also have access to your balance 24/7 on the Boya mobile app. Pay for purchases and utilities conveniently, whether online or in-store – anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

It’s also connected to a smart app, so your expenses are tracked and recorded in the app. The app notifies you with transaction alerts, and in case the card is compromised, you can freeze it just from the app.

Boya cards have no minimum balance requirement. This makes them inclusive for many businesses across Kenya, which may lack a threshold to maintain a bank account. 


As an employer, visa cards give you ultimate control over your finances. You can issue your employees with Boya prepaid cards for easier spending. You can set weekly or monthly spending limits for your employees to help them spend within the budgeted money. 

In instances of suspicious activities, you can freeze and unfreeze these cards in a matter of seconds. Payments done through the card are tracked and recorded by the Boya app, this makes it easy to see how money is being spent and spot any suspicious payments.

Bottom Line

Visa prepaid cards are as versatile as they are convenient. By allowing business owners and employees to hold, spend, and even reload funds onto  their  physical or even virtual cards, Visa cards have made life easier for many people.

While many of these cards are non-reloadable, plenty of reloadable prepaid cards are still available. For instance, our Boya Prepaid Card allows you to top up via Mpesa, bank, and credit or debit cards and works almost everywhere online and offline.