Banking for your operating cash

Clean up things by having a dedicated separate bank accounts for vendors, petty cash, travel, and payroll working together in one place.

operating cash

Boya is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services are provided on
Boya by regulated licensed bank partners.

The operating business account for modern finance teams

Designed to give finance teams context when reconciling bank statements.

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Account hierarchies

Create and manage account hierarchies to represent your account structure or Chart of Accounts. Empower and mandate your finance teams to respective business accounts while maintaining control and visibility.

real time alert

Real-time transaction alerts

Receive instant notifications for deposits, payments, and other transactions, ensuring you're always in the loop and can address any issues promptly.

Customizable access controls

Define access controls and permissions for your team members. Our embedded business bank accounts empower you to customize user access, ensuring the right finance team members have the right level of control over the various accounts.

customizable access
seamless integration

Seamless integration with accounting software or ERP

Integrate your business bank accounts seamlessly with your accounting software or ERP. Streamline your financial workflows, reduce manual data entry, and ensure accuracy in your bookkeeping processes.

Bank-grade account security

Your business account is issued on our partner banks network that are regulated by the Central Bank. We protect your information with an additional layer of security to keep your access safe with device authentication, touch ID, and face recognition.

bank level security

“Boya enables us to track and control all our spending centrally in real-time for all our branches across the country. And we are able to add more users and branches as we scale.”

Doreen Gichuru, Chief Accountant, Koko Networks.

“Boya has reduced the hustle of reconciling, tracking payments, and chasing receipts. With Boya, you don’t need to send money to employees' personal mobile money wallets, and we can see everyone’s balances and how they are using it in real-time.”

Smit Shir, Finance Manager, Koko Networks.

“The Boya platform enables me to have a view of the team’s spending from anywhere. I can allocate team members who need funds in real-time, ensuring continuity of operations while enforcing accountability simultaneously.”

Dan Mandi, Chief Operations Officer, Juja Road Hospital.

With Boya, you save time with 100% visibility and control over spend.

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